SIMBA KENYA Group has been operating in Kenya and Israel for over 20 years, making it one of the first Israeli investments groups in the country.
Our operations our conducted via two business divisions: the Development & Services; and the Consumer Goods, which are active in both Israel and Kenya.
Making it's first steps in the hospitality industry, including operation of flight charters, the group was able to widen and diversify its holding portfolio over the years.As of today, our portfolio ranges across industries and markets, boosting independent initiatives - as well as joint ventures with domestic and international business entities - in both Kenya and Israel.
Our operations are conducted via several divisions that oversee the group's different activities in complete synergy:

  • Real Estate Division - specializes in real-estate purchasing, development and management. Our real-estate division was responsible for some complex transactions and projects, such as the planned development of Sea&Sun Luxury Villas complex in Kikambala.
  • Hospitality Division - oversees the management of Paradise Beach Resort in Kilifi, as well as the development of 'Paradise Mombasa at CityCenter', our new hotel in downtown Mombasa to open during 2017. In addition, our team outsources tourism various tourism services, due to our vast network and deep knowledge in the Kenyan tourism market.
  • Consumer Goods division - responsible for the importing and marketing of motorcycles, as part of our growing presence in the Kenyan automotive market. Moreover, the group is engaged in the import - to both Israel and Kenya - of various electronic consumer goods.
  • Financial Services Division - Starting 2016, SIMBA is proud to introduce its two latest financial platforms:
    • (1) SIMBA Best-Invest, that allows any individual to contribute to a measurable and sustaining improvement in the economical well-being of Africans, through collaborative donations and
    • (2) SIMBA Micro-Finance, that leverages on the power of the united community in order to reduce cost of living and overcome the challenges that are imposed on the average Kenyan by traditional banks.